Why Don’t We Celebrate Life?


I will start by admitting that I did not spend a lot of time researching what happened at the Cincinnati Zoo. I only saw a few posts by my friends on Facebook when I got home from work last night. I did watch about a minute of the video, and I Googled it a little to find out which zoo it was for this post and gather a little more info on what exactly happened.

But I am not going to write about what happened or didn’t happen or what should have happened. I am not going to write about my opinion on the few bits of info I saw and read. I am not the kind of person who likes to jump to conclusions on the bare minimum amount of info and go on a passionate rant for justice.

So, here is what I was thinking last night when this was first brought to my attention.

“What if that was my son?”

“I am so thankful that the boy is alive and well.”

“I am confident that the zoo knew what they were doing.”

While I don’t know the facts, I do know that people who work at zoos love animals. That is why they do what they do. They go to school for this stuff. They get attached to the animals that they work with. My thought last night was that this was not a decision that they made lightly. If they made the decision to kill Harambe then it was the right thing to do. Also, when I Googled it the first few articles that pulled up said that the zoo stood by their decision and that they would do it again if they had to. This wasn’t a rash decision that they are regretting now. It was a really tough call that I am sure they are not happy about, but it saved a little boy’s life.

That brings me to my point.

It is ok to mourn for Harambe, but why can’t we also celebrate that the life of a child was saved?

What would the headlines have said had the child died? Would we mourn for him? I don’t know anymore. I see a world that wants to save trees and animals, (Great! God wants us to be good stewards of His creation), but passionately desires the death of babies.

Life needs to be valued and celebrated.

Now, I realized that sin is the problem, and that it is never going to go away until Jesus returns, but you have a sphere of influence. Use it to promote God’s love and the celebration of life. Teach your kids to value life. A great way to do that is teach them to be nice to animals). Every life matters, but human life is more valuable than animals. The zoo made the right decision.

My final thoughts go to the boy and his family. It is easy for me to watch the video and think, “I am glad that is over,” but it really happened. That boy is real. He is out there somewhere reliving the moment. Hopefully he learned from it, but that was incredibly scary and he won’t be forgetting the fear anytime soon. And on top of what he is already feeling and thinking, is he also hearing people say that the zoo made the wrong decision? That they should have risked his life further to save the gorilla.

I pray that he and his family find peace and that they can rejoice in what happened.



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